Double bass

Acacia wood is incredible for double bass bows, it makes the bass sound so easily that playing music becomes really playful.
Acacia double bass bow
The most recent bows with German frog :
Nr 353, 73.4 cm, 140 gr, black hair, ebony frog
Double bass bow 353 ebony frog
Nr 355, 72.6 cm, 140 gr, white hair, boxwood frog
Double bass bow 355
Nr 348, 72.5 cm, 134 gr, white hair, abalone frog
Abalone frog
Nr 347, 71.7 cm, 121 gr, black hair, walnut frog
Double bass bow 347
Nr 344, 72 cm, 138 gr, white hair, boxwood French frog
French double bass bow 344
German frog made out of olive wood
Hausse de contrebasse en olivier Prices 800 – 900 €