Facebook Bassists comments

Recently some interesting comments were posted on Facebook concerning the double bass bows :

Lisa Mezzacappa :  I discovered Coen’s bows at a bass conference in Italy last year and a few of us (Kiyoe Kaimana Delphine WellingtonCody TakácsKyle Motl) new music-improviser bassists really fell in love with his design – lightweight, balanced, comfortable grip, and plays really loud and clear – really grabs the strings. No ivory, made from sustainable wood, and as he says, “indestructible.” Also super affordable.

Brandon Lopez : The design is just-fucking-great, beautiful craftsmanship and they sound fantastic.

Gaël McKeon They sound excellent! He lives an hour from me, and came to my shop in Toulouse. These bows are quite a surprise. A good healthy blow to the status quo and the pernambuco fetish.

Lucca 4 (2)

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